Session Work
I am an experienced, professional hair and make-up artist and I am also a perfectionist, always taking great pride in my work. This means that when I am commissioned to do the hair and make-up for an editorial shoot I know that the job consists of more than just the day of the photographic shoot.

When I am commissioned to do a shoot, the theme and general ideas are sent to me by either the company or the magazine editor ahead of the date. I use this time to interpret these ideas into how the hair and make-up should look and to decide which products and accessories I will need to take with me.

I am normally sent a call sheet the day before the shoot which has the names and contact details of all the people who will be involved. If I have not worked with the photographer, the stylist or any of the models before, then I will Google them to find out as much about them and their style of work as I can.

On arriving at the shoot, the first person I will introduce myself to is the photographer, who is usually in charge of the proceedings. I like to find out what types of backdrops and filters are going to be used as these may affect which colours or products I am planning to use.

Secondly, I will meet with the stylist and look through the clothes and accessories which the model or models will be wearing. Last, and by no means least, I will spend some time with the models, getting to know their personalities, expressions, bone structure and reactions to the lens.

During the shoot, either in a studio or out on location, it is my job to keep an eye on the models' hair or make-up at all times, preferably through the photographer's monitor. There are always large numbers of people on the team in these shoots and I feel that my calm, friendly and professional manner makes the situation easier for all involved.

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I have worked with Vicky for a number of years and her talent and level of professionalism are second to none. Her set etiquette is superior and is always a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend her.
Matt LeBlanc